Fitted Stretcher Sheets

“AllCare fitted sheets are made from tear-resistant and fluid repellent materials. Available in various grades for handling different weight and fluid resistance requirements.”
Product No.DescriptionSizeCase Qty
EF600 Fluid-resistant Fitted Sheet, Light Blue 30 X 72 50
EF700 Impervious Fitted Sheet, Light Blue 30 X 72 50
EF800 Heavy Duty Fitted Sheet, White 30 X 72 50
EF900 Tri-Layer Fitted Sheet, White/Blue 30 X 72 36
EF600P Special Fitted Sheet for Powerflexx, Light Blue 30 X 78 50

Flat Sheets

AllCare flat sheets are made from lightweight fluid resistant material to provide comfort and cover for the patient. Available in two different colors.
Product No.DescriptionSizeCase Qty
FS100 Universal Flat Sheet, White 40 X 84 50
FS200 Patient Privacy Sheet, Dark Blue 40 X 84 50

Pillow and Pillow Case

AllCare pillows are made from non-woven fabric filled with hypoallergenic material for patient comfort and body support. The pillow cases are fluid resistant.
Product No.DescriptionSizeCase Qty
PL100 Universal Pillow Case, White 21 X 30 100
PL200 Pillow, Small 14 X 16 15
PL300 Pillow, Large 17.5 X 20 10


Multi-ply, layer fill disposable under pads has a flame-retardant, non-woven cover. It offers absorbency and protection against wetness. The pad consists of a blue polypropylene backing with a strengthening tissue cover.
Product No.DescriptionSizeCase Qty
NU100 Absorbent Underpad 23 X 36 100


AllCare offers a variety of disposable blankets: emergency barrier trauma blanket; quilted blanket; baby bunting; premium polyester blanket for patient warmth and protection under various emergency conditions.
Product No.DescriptionSizeCase Qty
EB100 Emergency Barrier Trauma Blanket, Yellow 60 X 90 20
EB200 Quilted Blanket, Light Blue 45 X 84 10
EB300 Quilted Blanket - Infant w/Zipper, Light Blue 38 X 36 25


AllCare disposable blue-color waterproof scrub comes with the short-sleeve top and elastic-waist pant.
Available in universal and extra large sizes.
Product No.DescriptionSizeCase Qty
EA100 Impervious Scrub Set, Short-sleeve Top and Elastic-waist Pant Large 25
EA200 Impervious Scrub Set, Short-sleeve Top and Elastic-waist Pant Extra Large 25
EA300 Impervious Arm Covers Universal 100

Burn Sheets

AllCare sterile burn sheets are non-woven. The burn sheets are of laminated tissue fibers that provide a sterile environment to protect the patient from infection. The burn sheet s construction resists tearing and is comfortable to patient contours. The burn sheets may be used as a wet or dry dressing.
Product No.DescriptionSizeCase Qty
BS100 Burn Sheet, Sterile, Dark Blue 60 X 96 25

Disposable Towels

AllCare non-woven disposable towels are available in three sizes: wash towels; hand towels and bath towels.
Product No.DescriptionSizeCase Qty
TW100 Disposable Wash Towel 12.5 x 13.5 200
TW200 Disposable Hand Towel 14 x 21.5 200
TW300 Disposable Bath Towel 20 x 40 100

Fitted ER Sheets

AllCare fitted ER sheets are designed for hospital emergency room stretcher. The fluid barrier feature protects the stretcher back pad from body fluids, The ER sheets are tough enough to be used for patient transport.
Product No.DescriptionSizeCase Qty
ER600 Fluid-resistant Fitted Sheet, ER 40 X 80 50
ER700 Impervious Fitted Sheet, ER 40 X 80 50

Linen Kits

AllCare offers linen kits solutions to meet different emergency needs. Custom made kits are also available.
Product No.DescriptionCase Qty
CK602 EF600, FS200 25
CK603 EF600, FS100, PL100 25
CK613P EF600P, FS200, PL100 25
CK613 EF600, FS200, PL100 25
CK614 EF600, FS200, PL100, NU100 25
CK713 EF700, FS200, PL100 25
CK803 EF800, FS100, PL100 25
CK813 EF800, FS200, PL100 25
CK912 EF900, FS200 25
EF600  (fluid resistant fitted sheet) 
FS200 (flat sheet)
PL100  (pillow case) 
NU100  (underpad)
EF700 (impervious fitted sheet)
EF800 (heavy duty fitted sheet)
EF900 (Tri-layer fitted sheet)
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